How is the B2B Market being redefined in India?

B2B (business-to-business) simply means buying and selling of products and services between two companies. It is slightly different from business to customer services, as the B2B market is driven by low profit margins and lower prices while peer pressure, latest trends, products popularity are the deciding factors for B2C business. Years 2016-17 were the watershed for almost every sector of the Indian market. The storm of demonetization and GST had a temporary side effect for…

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E-Commerce The Future of Wholesale

E-Commerce The Future of Wholesale?

Nowadays, online shopping has become a popular trend in India that makes e-commerce a necessity for almost every B2B company. Studies suggests that India’s GDP grew at 8.2 percent in 2018-19 Q1, reflecting a positive trend for economic growth in the coming years. In order to mark the strong presence in the Indian market, the wholesale industry is suggested to invest more and more in e-commerce technology.  To make it easier to understand, the team…

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Wholesale Distribution system

Challenges to the Wholesale Distribution system in India

From the era of your and our forefathers, wholesalers have played an important role in the distribution channel of the country. A few decades back, these sales centered entities were one of the key drivers of the economy. However, today they are struggling to maintain their position and proportion in the market to draw sustainable profits. Most of the traditional wholesalers are stuck between the manufacturers who are increasing the prices of the commodities (increasing…

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Prospects of e-commerce in India

The advantages of e-commerce are not unknown. The e-commerce boom in India in the past decade has changed our lives in one way or another. Even though you don’t shop online, it is hard to miss the flavor of e-commerce in some area of your life. The prospects of e-commerce in India are phenomenal. Much of the e-commerce growth has been attributed to increasing smart phone and internet penetration. It is estimated that Indian e-commerce…

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Online trading is an act of buying and selling products through a digital platform. Though online trading is gaining popularity all over the world for obvious advantages, we list down a series of reasons for going digital because it certainly makes your life easier! REASON #5: ELIMINATES REDUNDANCIES We all conduct a series of business activities on a daily basis resulting in navigating through a mesh of business transactions that require us to consolidate our…

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